Know  Us :

Poshtik Milk Products Pvt. Ltd. started as a small scale manufacturing unit in Hisar in 1995, has come a long way in becoming a leading institutional cheese supplier to major restaurants, fast-food chains and hotels in all over India.

Poshtik Milk Products now introduces ‘PASSION CHEESE’ its retail brand that is a hallmark of innovation, quality and nutrition with full hygiene


Our mission :

We are here to serve our customers nutritious cheese which is:
  • 100% vegetarian – We offer pure rennet free passion.

  • Handcrafted – Handcrafted with a lot of personal attention and effort

  • Consistent in quality – Standardised processes, scientific storage and forwarding ensure total quality management in the manufacture and handling of the product.

  • International standard – We use imported culture and enzymes to maintain consistent quality as per International standard.

  • More shelf Life of Cheese – Our range of cheese is produced from pasteurized milk which not only gives better quality but also enhances their shelf life as compared to the cheese made of raw milk generally available.

  • Wide array of cheeses & flavours – We offer a wide variety of cheeses which have been especially conjured into many flavours to suit the Indian tastes.



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